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You want the best when choosing a home technology service provider for your home’s needs. We at Martin Systems are proud of our home technology system designs, products, and services. However, we’re most proud of the engineered value we’ve delivered to our residential clients. SMART. SAFE. SOLUTIONS.

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[Removed Name] and [Removed Name], as technicians for the installation are impressive! Their knowledge, professionalism and expertise was evident. Prior to installing another outlet in the wall in our office (behind a desk), [Removed Name] asked for permission to cut the hole which was unnecessary, but greatly appreciated. Everything they did was cleaned up following the installation. We should have spent more time on familiarizing ourselves with the system once it was installed but when we had a concern with the notifications a week following the installation, [Removed Name] came out immediately and showed us what we were doing incorrectly. He was patient and ensured our understanding. I honestly didn't know the installation would take a little over four hours, but it went extremely well and the cameras installed make us feel more secure about the recent attempted break-ins we've experienced. Hopefully it will deter any future attempts!

Don & Eileen

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