Wireless Mesh Network

Go wireless throughout your whole home.

Working from home by day, gaming and streaming by night have never been easier. Let us blanket your home with wireless coverage that’s secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Home Networking WiFi Coverage
Distributed Home Network Green Bay

Distributed Wireless Access Points

Spread the wireless experience.

Get the coverage you need. Accommodate all your wireless mobile devices with wireless access points to keep you connected to the world.

Hardwired Internet Outlets

Sometimes you just need the speed.

Got the need for speed? Can’t risk a wireless disconnect? You can’t have enough internet these days, and neither can some devices. Let the professionals have your home hardwired for you to be hooked up anywhere.

Home Networking Green Bay
Home Networking Multiple Buildings

Outdoor Network

The freedom to go where you please.

Whether you need internet to reach your patio and driveway or a remote building on your property, we have you covered!

Remote Network Management

Get in and know what’s happening from the outside.

The need to monitor your network is greater than ever. Monitor network traffic to identify issues like network collisions and congestion, or just gather insights on machine health. Detect issues before they cause a crisis or critical system failure.

Remote Network Monitoring

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