Active Threat & Life Safety Systems

Reduce the life and death gap.

Our Active Threat System features real-time mass notification and law enforcement involvement. Our job is to reduce the life and death gap by managing crisis quickly, efficiently and effectively.

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Life Safety Emergency Notifications

Mass Communication System

Get the word out.

In a serious emergency, you need to tell the masses quickly. That’s where a well-designed emergency response plan comes in. Martin mass communication systems were built to save lives and follow NFPA 72 chapter 24 guidelines.

Area Of Refuge – Elevator Emergency Call

Step in.  Make the call.  Stay safer.

There’s a reason engineered two-way safety communication systems are required per local and state code. They just make sense. Protect your tenants with a modern approach that saves lives and costs.

Hands Free Access Control Systems

Health Screening & Safe Passage Systems

Manage the health risks.

Security shouldn’t come with an elevated health risk. Turn to Martin to upgrade your entrances with touchless, frictionless hands-free access control for your visitors, vendors and staff.

BDA Emergency Responder Coverage

Get the right people the right message.

In an emergency, communication is critical. Call on Martin to make sure your two-way radios are designed, installed and certified to work throughout your entire property.

Emergency Communications BDA

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