Active Threat & Panic Buttons

Reduce the life and death gap.

Our Active Threat System with panic buttons features real-time mass notification and law enforcement involvement. Our job is to reduce the life and death gap by managing crisis quickly, efficiently and effectively.

  • Life safety program with active threat trainings — R.E.A.C.T and A.L.I.C.E.
  • Law enforcement and local emergency responders’ involvement
  • Integration with mass communication software
  • Asher 3000 NFPA active shooter/hostile event response — Life safety
  • Police alert buttons or pull stations with notification on premise
  • Live look-in virtual guard eyes on the inside
  • Crisis management software integration and training
Police Button Schools Wisconsin
Life Safety Emergency Notifications

Mass Notification System

Get the word out.

In a serious emergency, you need to tell the masses quickly. That’s where a well-designed emergency response plan comes in. Martin mass communication systems were built to save lives and follow NFPA 72 chapter 24 guidelines.

  • Singlewire InformaCast Critical Event Management Software
  • Notifier
  • High-quality code compliant intelligible voice notification
  • Speakers, strobes, horns, and other notification appliances per NFPA 72
  • Enterprise-class emergency communication systems
  • Weather Alert Systems
  • Hazard warning with safe path notification
  • Building lockdown and crisis management solutions
  • Police alert buttons or pull stations with notification on/off premise
  • Public Address Systems & Paging
  • Text and audio notification to; smart phones, IP phones, desktop computer, digital signage, IP speakers, and more severe weather alerting

Nurse Call Systems

Providing healthcare facilities with high-quality care for their patients.

Martin Systems provides Nurse Call installation, maintenance, and repair of nurse call systems. Our services ensure that the nurse call system is installed correctly, tested, and configured to meet the healthcare facility’s needs. We also offer regular maintenance and repair services to ensure the system runs smoothly and efficiently.

The Importance of Proper Installation:
Proper installation is essential for the smooth functioning of nurse call systems. A poorly installed system can cause delays in response times, incorrect routing of calls, and other issues impacting patient care. Nurse call installer services ensure that the system is installed correctly and tested thoroughly before being used. The testing guarantees that the system will function as expected and that patients can communicate with healthcare providers without delays or confusion.

  • Quality Nurse Call Installations
  • Cornell Nurse Call Systems
  • Wireless Nurse Call Systems
  • Visual Nurse Call Systems
  • Create Efficient, Accountable Workflow
  • Readily Adjusts to New Code Requirments
  • Inform AI Mobile Solution
  • Remote Monitoring Options
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Interoperability & Expandability
Nurse Call Monitoring

Cellular Elevator Phone Lines – Area Of Refuge

Step in.  Make the call.  Stay safer.

There’s a reason engineered two-way safety communication systems are required per local and state code. They just make sense. Protect your tenants with a modern approach that saves lives and costs.

  • Cellular Phone Line Replacement
  • POTs Line Replacement – POTs in a box
  • FirstNet, AT&T and Verizon
  • Code compliant and state approvals
  • Elevator control and call boxes
  • Wireless cellular elevator emergency communication
  • Two-way hands-free emergency call boxes

BDA Bi-Directional Amplifier

Get the right people the right message.

In an emergency, first responder communications is critical. Call on Martin to make sure your two-way radios are designed, installed and certified to work throughout your entire property.

  • BDA Bi-Directional Amplifier signal booster design and installation
  • FCC GROL licensed and certified
  • IBC 916 / IFC 510 required emergency radio coverage and compliance
  • FirstNet Communications
  • VHF, UHF, or 700/800MHz frequency bands
  • BDA site survey, system planning and inspections that meets AHJ requirements
  • NFPA-1221 and NFPA-72 code requirements that meet 99% floor coverage in critical areas and 90% coverage in general building areas
Emergency Communications BDA
Hands Free Access Control Systems

Lobby Visitor Management Software

Manage your lobby with Check-in Software.

Lobby visitor management shouldn’t come with complexity. Turn to Martin to upgrade your lobby entrances with touchless, frictionless hands-free access control for your visitors, vendors and staff.

  • Lobby Control – Lobby Visitor Management
  • Employee, Student and Customer Entrances
  • SingleWire Visitor Aware and Student Management
  • Kiosks, turnstiles, mobile app based solutions
  • Temperature screening and video heat mapping analysis
  • Mask detection systems
  • Automatic door entry systems with touchless wave to exit readers
  • Visitor entry and controlled access management
  • Health Screening

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