Access Control Systems

You’re in control.

Protecting people and property starts with a secure perimeter door. Smart access control systems from Martin will help you direct people to the right entry and exit point — all from a common area or via mobile phone.

Access Control Security system
Security Camera installation

Video Surveillance & Camera Systems

Simple, scalable, video security solutions that work for all.

Your business deserves the right commercial security system — not just any system. Martin works with you to understand your unique needs, then recommends the best, affordable camera systems for you. We’ll even co-manage them to make tough security even easier.

Video Management Systems & Storage

Work smarter with video

Make your commercial security cameras easy and more effective by orchestrating workflow by integrating your cameras, encoders, recording systems, storage infrastructure, workstations, gateway systems and analytic software with a single management interface that allows you to capture, live view, record, store, retrieve, view and analyze video collected.

Security Cameras and Video Monitoring
Video Intercom Security System

Visitor Management & Video Intercom Systems

Control the gate to your world.

Video calling adds an extra layer of security for apartment buildings. When you see who is calling, you don’t let in strangers, or worse, criminals. Martin will help you determine the best features and systems for your building.

Intrusion & Alarm Monitoring Systems

Gain the upper hand.  Be protected.

When it comes to security alarm systems, always go for the security system custom engineered and designed specifically for you by industry professionals. Anything less is just asking for trouble. Work with Martin and get a truly professional commercial security solution.

Life Safety Systems

Premium Commercial Security Partners