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See What Our Residential Customers Say About Our Service Calls

Remember service when choosing a security and fire protection company for your home’s needs. At Martin Systems, we’re proud of the excellent service for each and every call with our residential customers. SMART. SAFE. SOLUTIONS.

Don’t just take our word for it; read what our residential clients say about our expertise and service! Please enjoy our service call customer testimonials for home security, home fire protection, and Home Automation.

Since I am a part-time resident in Door County, Martin and I have established a good relationship to have my security alarm checked and serviced, even when I am not in residence. It gives me peace of mind that the unit is monitored and attended to by carefully screened technicians who are in contact with me, both before and after the service call.

Brad was courteous and specific about the tests he administered: all is well. Good to know from a distance!

My thanks to a reliable and appreciated staff at Martin!


Pretty good ✪✪✪✪