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Martin Systems is a Certified Apple Wallet Integrator in Wisconsin

Martin Systems is a Apple Wallet employee badge and access control integrator.  Integrating the employee badge into the Apple Wallet allows organizations and Multi-family residences to add HID Seos enabled credentials to the Apple Wallet on the Apple iPhone and Apple Watch allowing mobile access control.

Seamless mobile access and secure property management technology are the keys to keeping your workplace safe and sound. You need to ensure that only the authorized personnel can enter your premises at any given moment.

While traditional keycards can work to improve the security of your property, they have significant shortfalls, lacking in convenience and efficiency. You need a sophisticated building intercom system integrated with Apple Wallet solutions to take access control to a higher level.

Apple Wallet can help access control systems deliver unique features suitable for commercial, multifamily and multi-tenant buildings.

Advanced Apple Wallet Solutions


While Apple Wallet started as a simple app where you can organize your credit and debit cards, it’s quickly evolved into a comprehensive solution that offers unique convenience at home and in the workplace.

Apple Wallet, combined with smart access control technology, can unlock doors, services and even networks.

With an employee ID in the Wallet, your staff can receive elevator access, office door access, turnstile, and multi-function printer access with a simple tap of their smartphone or Apple Watch.

All you need is an NFC deadbolt, and you can easily integrate Apple Wallet with your existing systems and property management software.

However, the solution doesn’t only work as a keyless latch. By uploading employee badges, you can use Apple Wallet to track time and attendance and even enable your employees to buy food and beverage at the cafeteria with nothing more than their smartphones.

Features for Multi-Family and Multi-Tenant Property

You can also add HID Seos enabled credentials to Apple Wallet for apartment buildings and multi-family residences.

With native touchless functionality, the app offers novelty and convenience. You can seamlessly maximize your apartment door security through the cloud-based platform, issue and revoke credentials with a single click, and keep an eye on everyone entering and leaving your building.

Easy Apple Wallet Integration with Martin Systems

Martin Systems technicians can integrate an access control system with Apple Wallet. Our experienced staff can help you get the most out of your Wallet by installing smart locks for apartments and offices and integrating them seamlessly with your app.

We’ll take care of the entire installation process as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal interruptions. Working closely together with you, we’ll design a solution that’s perfectly suited to your needs and help you take charge of your security through your Apple Wallet.

Contact Martin Systems for all Apple Wallet access control integrations.

Why Should You Choose Martin Systems?

For over 48 years, Martin Systems has provided modern technology solutions for life safety, fire protection, and security. With our experience and an extensive network of certified partners, our technicians can design and implement some of the best security solutions currently on the market.

No matter how unique security challenges and needs are, we can thoroughly assess the situation, identify the right solutions, and implement them through our partners.

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