Martin Systems is a Certified Bongo Technologies Dealer

Martin System is a Bongo Technologies certified partner and brings you the latest Bongo POTs line replacement products. We can deliver whether you’re looking for an cellular elevator phone line, emergency pool phones, FirstNet, AT&T and Verizon voice and data plans and more . We have installed Bongo products such as Voice Link, Data Link, and P2C1000 in many Wisconsin property management companies, church’s, commercial property owners, and universities. 

POTs lines are being discontinued as they are no longer considered profitable for telecom providers. Bongo Technologies provides solutions that enable you to continue to provide emergency communications for new and legacy Life Safety equipment.

Bongo Technologies

Website:  Bongo Technologies

Bongo is a life safety technology company with innovative solutions. Their portfolio also extends into security and fire protection solutions. Bongo’s flagship products are called Voice Link, Data Link, and P2C1000.

  • Emergency Communications
  • Elevator Emergency Phone Lines
  • Emergency Pool Phones
  • POTs Line Replacement
  • Security Camera System Internet Solutions
  • Access Control Internet Solutions

Bongo Technologies has a range of services and security solutions that contribute to the operational intelligence of property management companies, Schools, and Governments. Bongo is a technology company that provides products and solutions for the public safety and physical security market.

Bongo Technologies Products:

  • Voice Link
    • Voice Phone Line Solution
  • Data Link
    • Cellular Data Communication
  • P2C1000
    • Emergency Elevator Phone Line

Make Your Operations Safe and Efficient With Martin Systems and Bongo Technologies

Building and managing life safety and security systems across several locations can be complicated, but Martin Systems and Bongo are here to help. We can help you secure and provide emergency response systems for your sites for your visitors, employees, guests, or tenants and let them move freely.

We bring the necessary experience, technology, and knowledge to install, configure, and connect multiple locations with Bongo Technologies, giving you complete control at your fingertips.

Why Should You Choose Martin Systems?

For over 48 years, Martin Systems has provided modern technology solutions for life safety, fire protection, and security. With our experience and an extensive network of certified partners, our technicians can design and implement some of the best security solutions currently on the market.

No matter how unique security challenges and needs are, we can thoroughly assess the situation, identify the right solutions, and implement them through our partners.

Leave It To The Professionals!

Martin Systems and Bongo are perfect for commercial security systems, industrial manufacturing settings, school districts, higher education, local government, multi-tenant buildings, and multifamily properties. As partners, it’s crucial to meet your life safety and security needs head-on.

We can help keep your integrations up to date and prevent security and life safety systems from becoming inefficient. See why we take pride in our access control, security camera, video management, and video storage installations and why so many people put their security and life safety requirements in our hands.

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