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Martin Systems is a Certified Fire-Lite Dealer in Wisconsin

If you’ve invested your time and resources into buying a commercial property, the last thing you want is to see it engulfed in flames. Even if your property is covered by insurance, you’ll probably want to do everything you can to avoid that scenario.

The advanced fire protection provided by Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell, combined with the flawless integration by Martin Systems, will ensure your property, the people inside, and inventory are safe.

Fire-Lite Alarms


Fire-Lite Alarms is a fire protection company founded in 1952. As a part of Honeywell Fire, Fire-Lite Alarms is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial life safety and fire alarm systems.

When it comes to the fire protection solutions designed and manufactured by Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell, they’re non-proprietary and cost-effective fire safety solutions primarily designed for small to medium-sized buildings and businesses.

These systems are perfect for government buildings, hospitals, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, retail spaces and other commercial complexes.

With a large selection of fire protection products, you can find a device with Fire-Lite that fits the needs of your business.

Quality fire alarm installations with Martin Systems

If you’re looking for high-quality and reliable fire alarm installation, that’s where Martin Systems and Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell come into play. By protecting your property with Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell, you can secure your employees, residents, and valuable inventory.

Martin Systems is a certified Fire-Lite Alarms partner that provides quality, efficient, fast, and reliable installation of fire safety devices manufactured by Fire-Lite Alarms.

Whether you’re looking for annunciators, communicators, control panels, or other fire protection devices, Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell and Martin Systems will equip you with everything you need.

Besides the installation and integration, Martin Systems will educate your staff on properly using and maintaining the installed fire safety solutions for maximum security.

Protect your property with Martin Systems and Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell

Suppose you’re interested in introducing commercial fire alarm monitoring into your company. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the devices provided by Fire-Lite Alarms combined with the streamlined installation and services offered by Martin Systems.

Our team at Martin Systems will cover all the required steps, from product installation to employee education, so you can sit back and enjoy your new advanced fire protection system.

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