Martin Systems is a Certified OpenEye Dealer in Wisconsin

A high-quality commercial video surveillance system protects your property, employees, and visitors. However, monitoring multiple remote locations can be challenging and put your assets and staff at risk if you rely only on local surveillance.

Cloud-managed video surveillance can help maintain your property’s security, safety, and performance. That’s what OpenEye offers.

Martin Systems has partnered with this leader in commercial video surveillance to help businesses manage onsite video recording, improve operational efficiency, reduce IT workload, and enjoy better cybersecurity.

OpenEye Security Solutions


OpenEye offers cloud-managed video surveillance solutions for ensuring maximum business security.

Its cloud management software, OpenEye Web Services (OWS), is a cross-platform solution with open architecture for seamless video management across multiple locations. It’s scalable, combines local recording with cloud capabilities, and features built-in PoE appliances for reducing your IT team’s workload.

OpenEye also offers top-notch hardware for securing your business. Its cloud-managed network video recorders enable remote operation, administration, single sign-on, network health monitoring with real-time alerts, and user management. They work seamlessly with OWS.

The provider’s commercial security cameras are ideal for getting HD online video and storing it safely in the cloud. They’re IP cameras that require no local recording device; your LAN (Local Area Network) is all they need to function. You can integrate them seamlessly with OpenEye recorders and use OWS to configure and access them remotely.

OpenEye Security Surveillance Products:

  • Cloud Managed Recorders
    • Video Management System
  • IP Cameras
    • Security Cameras
  • OWS 24/7
    • OpenEye Web Services

OpenEye installations with Martin Systems

OpenEye’s automated networking tools and OWS require no software installations, but you need a reliable professional to install the hardware.

As a certified OpenEye partner, Martin Systems offers business security camera installation, and we can also install OpenEye network video recorders at your property.

Our certified technicians are experts in installing, inspecting, and maintaining various commercial video surveillance systems, including OpenEye solutions. You can trust they’ll ensure everything runs smoothly and keeps your business security intact.

Upgrade your business security with Martin Systems and OpenEye

Martin Systems and OpenEye are your go-to partners for securing your business with commercial security cameras, end-to-end recording solutions, and cloud-managed video surveillance. Our partnership brings maximum security to your door, allowing you to monitor all remote locations actively and safeguard your employees and visitors.

Whether you need business security camera installation for integrating OpenEye’s IP cameras or you wish to implement its network video recorders (or both), we can handle the job without a hitch. Contact us for a free quote.

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