Martin Systems is a Certified Ready-U Partner

Martin Systems is a Ready-U Platinum Partner and has the most Ready-U integrations in the state of Wisconsin.

Taking care of your life safety doesn’t have to be tedious. With the right solutions in your hands, you can design your active shooter alert system with mass notifications and get ready for any active threat that may come your way.

Through our partnership with Ready-U, Martin Systems has created personalized life safety programs that include training and a range of tools that you can use to ensure maximum safety and security in and on your properties.

Ready-U Active Threat and Life Safety Solutions


We’ve invested a mutual effort to create a user-friendly active shooter protocol to respond to any life-threatening scenario possible through our Ready-U partnership. We also provide comprehensive active shooter training to prepare you for various situations.

The main goal is to provide each user with knowledge and means for managing the crisis in life-threatening situations. Our active threat solutions come with real-time mass notifications and emergency communication devices.

If you need to contact law enforcement, you can do it in seconds. Our primary focus is on reducing the life and death gap and ensuring maximum safety and life security for our clients.

Ready-U Emergency Communication and Life Safety with Martin Systems

As a Ready-U-certified partner, Martin Systems provides clients with a range of life safety and crisis management solutions that allow each user to create their personalized life safety programs.

We take pride in providing comprehensive training, devices, procedures, and support policies to increase your safety and security. We provide solutions such as:

  • Mass emergency notification system
  • Active threat training programs
  • Crisis management
  • Police alert
  • Active shooter responder
  • Safety & security surveillance

Each solution is fully customizable to suit your specific safety needs. We also provide professional assistance and advice to help you find the best solution that will contribute to your feelings of overall safety.

Increase Your Life Security with Martin Systems and Ready-U

Ready-U and Martin Systems allow you to tap into the benefits of having a life safety program for managing any crisis that might come your way. If you live in fear of a potential disaster, allow us to help you feel safe again by providing everything you need to protect yourself, your property, and your loved ones.

Get ahead of your safety and achieve maximum control over who enters your premises. Our experts will handle all the hard work regarding setting up your life safety systems so that you can focus on improving your quality of life.

Why Should You Choose Martin Systems?

Martin Systems and Genetec are perfect for commercial security systems, industrial manufacturing settings, school districts, higher education, local government, multi-tenant buildings, and multifamily properties. As partners, it’s crucial to meet your security needs head-on.

We can help keep your integrations up to date and prevent security systems from becoming efficient. See why we take pride in our access control, security camera, video management, and video storage installations and why so many people put their security requirements in our hands.

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