Martin Systems is a Siemens Fire Dealer

Martin Systems is a Siemens Platinum Certified partner in Southern, WI.

Siemens Fire Solutions

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Siemens Fire Safety offers innovative and scalable fire protection systems for various property types. They comply with the latest UL (Underwriters Laboratories) fire safety standards for first-class quality, seamless installations, and maximum safety.

Siemens Fire Protection Systems

  • Cerberus PRO
  • Desigo Fire Safety
  • Siemens Conventional Fire Protection Systems
    • TXR-320
  • Legacy Systems
    • FireSeeker FS-250
    • MPC 6000 & MPC 7000
    • MXL Panels
    • System 3
    • SXL-EX
    • H-Series I/Os
    • MXL & HFP Detectors
    • MXL I/Os

Siemens products are exceptionally accurate and reliable, triggering an alarm at the first sign of smoke or fire and activating proper extinguishing systems. 

The fire detection systems have built-in isolation (ISOtechnology™) for maximum protection against short circuits and minimal system downtime. They also feature ASAtechnology™ (Advanced Signal Analysis) for intelligent smoke, heat, and CO2 detection.

Siemens’s fire protection systems come with audible and visual notification appliances for indoor and outdoor applications, including strobes, speakers, chimes, horns, and bells. They comply with the latest NFPA codes and standards.

Siemens Fire Installations with Martin Systems

Martin Systems offers seamless installation of Siemens Fire’s fire protection systems. Our NICET-certified and licensed engineers can handle the hardware and software installation and ensure everything operates smoothly.

As a certified Siemens Fire partner, we can install and maintain Cerberus® PRO, Siemens’s integrated solution for utmost fire safety. This comprehensive set of fire panels and fire detection and management stations suits various applications and can meet all your specific needs.

Whether you want to safeguard your school, university campus, retail store, restaurant, hospital, marine vessel, warehouse, data center, or commercial office building, our fire protection services can help you protect the occupants and assets without a hitch.

Why Choose Martin Systems?

Martin Systems has been providing security, life safety, and fire protection services since 1974. We offer intelligent, safe, compliance-based solutions to help our commercial customers protect their property, employees, and clients and eliminate uncertainty in the face of danger.
Our licensed, certified technicians have unparalleled skills and experience with state-of-the-art technologies from Siemens Fire Products.

We provide end-to-end protection, from fire alarm installation, service, and 24/7 monitoring to fire alarm inspection and testing. Having us in your corner means enjoying maximum safety and stress-free operations.

Protect Your Property with Martin Systems and Siemens Fire

Martin Systems and Siemens can help protect your facility, employees, and clients, eliminate business disruptions, maximize operational efficiency, and comply with the latest fire safety regulations.

Whether you need reliable fire protection services for a commercial or mixed-use building or your retail, hospitality, or healthcare facility, we can tailor your desired solutions to your needs. We’ll handle fire alarm installation and monitoring and schedule regular fire alarm inspection and testing for compliance.

With Martin Systems and Siemens Fire, you can leave all worries behind and enjoy the utmost fire and life safety.

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