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Martin Systems is a Honeywell Certified Silent Knight Dealer in Wisconsin

While fire insurance can cover you financially after experiencing such a destructive event, it can’t prevent fires from happening and destroying your commercial property. That’s what fire protection systems are here for, and Honeywell Silent Knight could be just the company you’ve been looking for.

With Silent Knight, you can find a wide array of advanced fire protection solutions designed to keep small and medium-sized commercial properties safe. Once you choose your perfect fire alarm system, Martin Systems can quickly and easily install it across your premises.

Silent Knight Fire Protection


Silent Knight is a Northford-based fire protection company founded in ​1961. Today, the company’s a part of Honeywell Fire, a global leader in manufacturing fire protection and life safety systems.

Throughout the years of the company’s existence, Silent Knight succeeded in designing and manufacturing some of the best fire alarm systems for commercial purposes for an excellent price.
From government buildings, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities to commercial complexes and retail stores, fire detection systems developed by Honeywell Silent Knight can keep your premises safe.

By making their fire alarm system design and installation simple, smart, and reliable, you can’t make a mistake by going with any fire protection solution from their extensive portfolio.

Reliable fire alarm installations by Martin Systems

Fire alarm installation is as important as choosing the right fire detection solution. That’s why it’s essential to go with a fire alarm installation company that knows how to install and integrate the desired fire protection system properly.

Martin Systems is an expert in installing and integrating life safety devices. The professional team at Martin Systems will install the Honeywell Silent Knight fire protection systems flawlessly, resulting in quality, secure, and reliable life safety and protection.

Once the system is integrated into your commercial premises, Martin Systems will educate your staff about the correct usage and maintenance of the advanced fire protection solution.

Keep your commercial premises safe with Martin Systems and Silent Knight

Martin Systems and Silent Knight are ideal for all commercial property owners interested in increasing their commercial fire alarm monitoring.
With the premium features designed by Honeywell Silent Knight and professional installation done by Martin Systems, keeping your commercial premises safe has never been easier.

Discover the numerous advantages of high-tech fire detection solutions today.

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