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Martin Systems is a Certified Singlewire and InformaCast Dealer in Wisconsin

Martin Systems is a Singlewire partner.  Singlewire has a powerful software product called InformaCast.  InformaCast is a critical mass notification system that reaches people on mobile and on-premises devices.

Singlewire Software is a leading provider of critical communication solutions that help organizations effectively reach their employees and customers. Their flagship product, InformaCast, is a highly advanced emergency notification system that can be used to broadcast alerts and messages to multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring that everyone receives the information they need in real-time.

As a Singlewire Software dealer, Martin Systems has the opportunity to work closely with the InformaCast product, and we are constantly impressed by its features and capabilities. InformaCast provides organizations with a complete, end-to-end solution for emergency notifications, making it a valuable asset for any organization looking to improve its communication and collaboration efforts.

Singlewire Software


Singlewire Software was founded in 2009, and the company develops and offers support for IP voice mass notification systems for emergency communication. The headquarters are located in Madison, Wisconsin, and their InformaCast platform is their main product focused on life safety, integrating mass notification system design with physical space security.

Singlewire Software solutions are currently used in 50 countries worldwide by over 2,000 companies. The system was initially developed after the 9/11 terrorist attack to combat high-risk issues and create proper response solutions to minimize damage.

The company has a globally-recognized reputation for its expertise, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions in the domain of life safety.

Informacast Key Features

One of the key features of InformaCast is its versatility. The system is designed to integrate seamlessly with various communication platforms and devices, including IP phones, digital signs, desktop computers, and mobile devices. The integration allows organizations to reach their employees and customers conveniently and effectively.

InformaCast also allows organizations to broadcast both audio and visual alerts, allowing them to convey critical information in a way that is easy to understand and respond to the alert. Whether it’s a weather emergency, a fire alarm, or a security breach, InformaCast provides the necessary tools to get the word out quickly and effectively.

In addition to its versatility and real-time capabilities, InformaCast is incredibly user-friendly. The system is designed with the end user in mind, and its intuitive interface makes it easy for users to set up, manage, and execute emergency broadcasts. The intuitive interface allows organizations to implement a critical communication solution that is simple, effective, and reliable.

Streamlined Singlewire Software solutions

When deployed by our experts, Martin Systems provides a comprehensive InformaCast connection and introduces Singlewire users with all kinds of integration to optimize and manage their InformaCast solution with ease. Our setup makes it easy to send out notifications in many different situations, including:

  • Threat situations
  • Sensor detection events
  • Intercom communications
  • Destination dispatch events

As official distributors and partners of the Singlewire InformaCast platform, Martin Systems offers resellers and integrators the option of getting and installing a complete life safety infrastructure from a single vendor.

Protect your human resources with Martin Systems and Singlewire

Being a Singlewire Software partner has been an exciting journey for us. Working with InformaCast has allowed us to help organizations improve their communication efforts and better protect their employees and customers. If you’re looking for a comprehensive emergency notification solution, look no further than InformaCast and the team of experts at Singlewire Software.

Why Should You Choose Martin Systems?

For over 48 years, Martin Systems has provided modern technology solutions for life safety, fire protection, and security. With our experience and an extensive network of certified partners, our technicians can design and implement some of the best security solutions currently on the market.

No matter how unique security challenges and needs are, we can thoroughly assess the situation, identify the right solutions, and implement them through our partners.

Being an InformaCast distributor has been a rewarding experience, and we are proud to be associated with such a powerful and effective critical communication solution. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, InformaCast is the ideal solution for your organization. So, join Martin Systems on this journey today, and start communicating smarter with InformaCast!

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