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Reliable fire alarm monitoring can save you, your family members, employees, and valuable documents from unfortunate events. With a good fire protection system by your side, you can protect human lives and expensive equipment and inventory.

Finding quality fire protection for your property isn’t such a difficult task. Thanks to our System Sensor partnership, Martin Systems can equip you with the latest tools and technologies required for premium life safety.

From educational institutions and hospitals to commercial buildings and retail, Martin Systems and System Sensor can keep your property safe at all times.

System Sensor a Honeywell Brand


System Sensor has been one of the leading manufacturers of premium life safety and fire detection devices since 1984.

Whether you’re looking for fire and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, aspirating smoke detectors, audible, visible notification devices, or HVAC smoke detection equipment, System Sensor has all the technologies you need to improve your fire protection.

Regardless of your property type, structure, and plan, System Sensor has the perfect fire protection system for you.

By prioritizing development, research, and industry advancement, System Sensor, a Honeywell brand, can provide you with fire detection and protection systems that excel in quality and reliability.

The best System Sensor installations with Martin Systems

There’s no better way of introducing System Sensor technologies into your premises than with the professional help of Martin Systems. As a certified partner for installing System Sensor solutions and products, Martin Systems offers quick, efficient, and high-quality fire alarm installation.

With our knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced technicians, integrating System Sensor solutions into your property is seamless and fast. Our security and fire alarm systems installers will do everything to install the solutions efficiently and ensure everything works perfectly.

Besides the installation, Martin System educates you, your employees, and residents about the proper use of System Sensor advanced fire protection systems. As a result, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that everything will run smoothly and according to plan.

Get premium fire protection with Martin Systems and System Sensor

Whether you’re looking for a multi-family and multi-tenant property or a commercial fire protection system, you can receive some of the best fire protection features with System Sensor and Martin Systems. It gives you complete control over your property, even in stressful situations.

Stop worrying about the fire safety of your premises and invest in a tailored System Sensor solution today.

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