Martin Systems is a Certified Verizon Frontline Dealer in Wisconsin

Having clear, direct emergency communications in a disaster is your number one priority. Getting the necessary information to the right personnel at the right time could save lives and prevent any further damage, and that’s why Martin Systems has partnered with Verizon Frontline.

In 2021, Verizon developed Frontline to deliver an advanced emergency communications network and all the required systems, devices, operations, and equipment that can help first responders stay connected in any situation.

Verizon Frontline Streamlines Emergency Communications

Website:  Frontline for First Responders

As a unified emergency communications center, Verizon Frontline provides first responders with reliable solutions that can keep departments across different networks and carriers connected at all times.

Available to full-time and part-time volunteer workers in law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services, and emergency operations centers. Frontline offers reliable priority services:

Verizon Mobile Broadband Priority (MBP)
Wireless Priority Service (WPS)

With MBP, you receive high-priority network access to the 4G LTE data network, with the 5G network also available. With WPS, you receive an emergency voice communication system with continuous priority access as long as the Department of Homeland Security approves you.

The Verizon First Responder Advisory Council, comprised of retired and current first responders, continually provides feedback that helps improve Frontline tech and emergency responder communication systems.

Advanced Services Designed for First Responders

Designed by first responders for first responders, Verizon Frontline offers a range of streamlined services to help you stay on top of any emergency.
With a sophisticated emergency communication system during a disaster. Verizon Frontline offers support through:

  • 24/7 response teams
  • Cells on Wheels (COWs)
  • Cells on Light Trucks (COLTs)
  • Satellite Picocell on Trailer
  • Backup generators
  • Licensed Drone Programs
  • Verizon Security Assistance Team support
  • Prearranged fuel deliveries

The intelligent platform with MBP and preemption ensures continued communication even in unexpected network congestions. The comprehensive response operations offer complete reliability through intelligent video, group first response, real-time response system, Push to Talk Plus and Push to Talk Responder.

The Verizon Frontline emergency communication devices and equipment keep you connected in virtually any location 24/7.

Rely on Martin Systems for all Verizon Frontline Installations

Martin Systems is a proud Verizon Frontline partner, offering you seamless emergency communication system installations. We work closely together with you to design strategic solutions that meet your needs and enable you to perform your job without distractions and interruptions.

Contact Martin Systems and streamline your emergency communications.

Why Should You Choose Martin Systems?

For over 48 years, Martin Systems has provided modern technology solutions for life safety, fire protection, and security. With our experience and an extensive network of certified partners, our technicians can design and implement some of the best security solutions currently on the market.

No matter how unique security challenges and needs are, we can thoroughly assess the situation, identify the right solutions, and implement them through our partners.

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