Martin Systems is a Certified Brivo Dealer

Keeping their premises safe is the number one priority for any business. Whether you want to protect your private or commercial property, Martin Systems equips you with the proper access control solutions for maximum privacy, safety, and security.

With the innovative and high-quality Brivo systems, you can choose from the latest commercial video surveillance cameras, door access control systems, intercom systems, and numerous other solutions to keep your property secure all year round.

Brivo Systems


Brivo systems primarily focus on delivering better security systems for private and commercial properties. Their cloud-based access control solutions are designed to keep buildings, residents, customers, employees, visitors, and data safe.

Brivo uses its access control solutions to equip commercial buildings with scalable and effective security systems for enterprises. Companies can access and manage all their assets from a single cyber-secure place to gain complete control over their physical space.

Brivo developed smart access control systems for families that contain all the amenities multifamily community buildings require. From smart audio and video door entry systems to the best intrusion detection systems, Brivo systems have a selection of innovative solutions that increase private property security.

Brivo Security Products:

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Smart Home
  • Mobile Management
  • Visitor Management

Make Your Operations Safe and Efficient With Martin Systems and Genetec

Building and managing security systems across several locations can be complicated, but Martin Systems and Genetec are here to help. We can help you secure sites for your visitors, employees, guests, or tenants and let them move freely.

Managing is easy with a unified platform that brings all your secured assets to a single place. This kind of setup lets you secure all assets and people, improve operations, and monitor all relevant factors in real-time.
We bring the necessary experience, technology, and knowledge to install, configure, and connect multiple locations to this platform, giving you complete control at your fingertips.

Quality Brivo installations by Martin Systems

Martin Systems is a certified Brivo partner that offers quick, reliable, and high-quality installation of various Brivo security systems and solutions.

Whether you’re interested in smartphone security solutions and management, advanced video surveillance, or reliable visitor management, Martin Systems will find the best building access control systems for you.

Our experienced and skilled technicians ensure all Brivo solutions and systems are perfectly integrated into your property. Once that’s done, our team will test the features to make sure they run flawlessly.

Whether you’re a private or commercial property owner, Martin Systems has everything you need to install the required security systems. From helping you find the right solutions to educating your residents or employees on running the systems smoothly, you’ll receive all the services needed to improve your security as part of the deal.

Secure your property with Martin Systems and Brivo

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to increase your private or commercial security systems. With the superior Brivo solutions and the expertise of the Martin Systems team, you can receive the highest levels of security in a blink of an eye.

Since we take care of everything concerning the installation and education, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits provided by these advanced security systems.

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