Martin Systems is a Certified ButterflyMX Dealer in Wisconsin

Keeping your multifamily and multi-tenant properties secure doesn’t require outdated technology and an expensive access control system. Butterfly has managed to make modern access control and intercom systems very intuitive while allowing flexibility and keeping the focus on security. ButterflyMX makes it possible to simplify property access for visitors, staff, residents, and owners.

ButterflyMX is an advanced security system that incorporates state-of-the-art technology to develop its products and services. From access control systems to smart video intercom systems, controlling your property has never been more convenient, affordable, and secure.

ButterflyMX systems is a cloud-based software and hardware solution that incorporate touchscreen hardware devices for ultimate comfort levels.

Smartphones can quickly transform into virtual keys, video intercoms, or mobile surveillance systems and make property control an easy activity that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Butterfly MX is undoubtedly a leading access control system with these features that allows property owners to decide which visitors can come in while keeping unwanted guests at bay.

ButterflyMX Product Solutions


ButterflyMX has a top-rated smartphone app, integrates with other cloud-based systems, and comes with a property management dashboard. The unified property access control solution has many features that work together, so accessing your building is easy and secure.

  • video calling 
  • visitor access 
  • access management 
  • virtual keys 
  • swipe to open 
  • elevator controls 
  • door release logs
  •  audit trails
  • remote management 
  • PMS integrations 
  • and many more features

ButterflyMX installations with Martin Systems

As an established and certified Butterfly MX partner, Martin Systems supplies its clients with a streamlined access control systems installation. Our certified and skilled system integration technicians will ensure the ButterflyMX installation and training goes as smoothly.

With a number of its features, Butterfly MX offers much more than a simple intercom system. Here are some of its key features for:

●       Residents: Thanks to integrated smartphone apps, residents can lock and unlock the doors to their homes with just a few taps on their phones. Furthermore, video surveillance is available 24/7, so it’s easy to determine who’s trying to access the property before granting them access.

You can also share virtual keys with friends and family members who need to have property access and use voice controls to let people in or out and lock or unlock the doors.

●       Businesses: Thanks to the ButterflyMX smart intercom solutions, property owners, managers, and other executives can enhance their property security. ButterflyMX features allow companies to store and review door release events for up to a year and easily control the entry of tenants, employees, couriers, and other workers.

Even if you’re not sure which ButterflyMX tool best fits your needs, Martin Systems is here to assist you in every step of the process.

Martin Systems Advantages

Martin Systems has been supplying its customers with premium security services since 1974. Today, Martin Systems offers much more to its clients, including smart mobile access control systems installation and the ability to choose tools from some of the world-leading security brands.

With decades of experience, numerous partnerships with security and life safety companies, and countless satisfied customers, Martin Systems will do everything to keep your premises safe day and night.

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