Martin Systems is a Certified Xtralis Dealer in Wisconsin

Having the best-in-class fire protection systems in your home, offices, warehouses, or manufacturing facility doesn’t have to be expensive and out of reach for individuals and SMBs. Martin Systems has partnered with Xtralis to deliver cost-efficient early and reliable smoke and fire detection systems.

Whether you need a smoke, fire, or gas detection system for a closed or open space, a fire protection system from a company such as Xtralis can help you save both lives and assets.

Xtralis Fire Protection Solutions


Xtralis is the world’s leading brand in developing and creating fire protection solutions. Guided by the “the sooner you know, the safer you are,” Xtralis continuously invests in advanced fire protection research to deliver early-detection systems to commercial and residential building owners.

The systems such as ICAM aspirating smoke detectors are designed to detect and pinpoint the source of the fire. Their latest beam detection device, Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection, uses imaging technology to achieve the ultimate smoke detection performance. If you need a fire protection system capable of detecting gas or duct smoke, Xtralis won’t leave you disappointed.

Continuous investment in R&D and impeccable quality control policies make Xtralis one of the most reliable fire protection vendors. With one of their systems, you will receive an early warning, allowing you contain the fire events long before they turn into a disaster.

Xtralis Product Lines

  • VESDA Devices
    • VESDA-E
  • OSID Devices
  • Other Fire Protection Devices

Quality Xtralis systems installations with Martin Systems

With decades of experience in fire alarm planning, design, and engineering, Martin Systems is a leader in providing fire alarm installation services. Our partnership with Xtralis enables us to install comprehensive fire protection systems despite the project’s complexity.

Most importantly, building systems with fire detection solutions by Xtralis helps us guarantee early detection and eliminate false alarms.

Martin Systems will come up with a cost-effective fire protection solution that reflects the building’s unique needs, whether a home, office building, unmanned site, warehouse, or underground parking. We can also help you achieve compliance with specific laws and regulations that apply to your industry.

Here at Martin Systems, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our fire alarm installation professionals will first come to inspect the premises. The inspection helps us assess the situation and develop a customized fire protection system for your building, including support for emergency responder coverage.

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