Martin Systems is a Certified Latch Dealer in Wisconsin

Enhancing the security of your property doesn’t have to be complicated. Through our Latch partnership, Martin Systems presents you with advanced access control solutions that will help you keep an eye on everyone who enters and leaves your premises, all from the comfort of your home or office. 

Latch smart locks, video door entry systems, and comprehensive access control systems give you peace of mind knowing your multi-tenant building or multifamily property is kept secure 24/7/365. 

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Latch is a sophisticated system that delivers smart access solutions for residential and commercial properties. Compatible with every door size and type, Latch access control systems can be installed on apartment buildings and individual apartments, short-term rentals, and even large turnstiles.

Latch systems can be seamlessly retrofitted on existing entries or installed during new construction projects. They require no additional infrastructure as the intercom connects via WiFi, LTE, and ethernet, and you gain complete control via an intuitive cloud-based app. You can easily lock and unlock your entries via the iOS or Android app, Apple watch, keycards, or typing in the door code.

With Latch Lens door entry video systems, smart locks, and keyless entry solutions, you’ll simplify access management and ensure the utmost security of your building.

Secure Latch Installations with Martin Systems

As a Latch certified partner, Martin Systems offers fast and efficient access control systems installation. Our experienced technicians will ensure that your Latch system is seamlessly integrated into your property and that everything is working as flawlessly as it should.

We handle all hardware and software installations, offering you, your residents, and your staff all the necessary information to keep the systems running smoothly. Whether you’re a business owner, landlord, or have a commercial property, Martin Systems will help you find solutions best suited to your needs and enhance your security.

Why Choose Martin Systems?

Martin Systems has been offering security, life safety, and fire protection services since 1974. Due to our decades of experience, we can confidently design comprehensive security systems that keep you and everyone on your property safe and sound.

Our technicians are well-versed in some of the best-rated products from companies like Latch. We deliver advanced, customizable solutions that meet your needs through our partnership. We work closely together with you to identify the best products that will keep you protected and provide you with detailed instructions on how to use them to your advantage.

With many satisfied customers behind us, Martin Systems is proud to deliver excellence time and time again.

Secure Your Property with Martin Systems and Latch

Whether you require residential or commercial security systems, Martin Systems and Latch can tailor personalized solutions that offer advanced levels of security. Take charge of your property, stay on top of your access control, and prevent unwanted guests from entering your premises.

Martin Systems’ certified access control installers will handle the arduous task of setting up your new security systems, and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits.

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