Martin Systems is a Certified LittleBird Dealer in Wisconsin

Secure, eye-catching, and easy-to-use tenant access control is the key to streamlining property management. We are thrilled to inform you that Martin Systems has partnered with LittleBird to help you bring smart technology to your access control.

If you are looking for smart access solutions for your home, apartment building, or community complex, Martin Systems and LittleBird bring you excellent smart access systems.

LittleBird Property Management for all your Security Needs.


LittleBird is a renowned manufacturer of smart access systems for multi-tenant buildings and multifamily homes and communities. The company uses the latest technological achievements to bring a delightful resident experience to communities worldwide.

By focusing exclusively on technologies that contribute to residents, communities, and building managers, LittleBird delivered outstanding tenant access control. To achieve the high expectations of tenants, managers, but also installers, LittleBird designs and builds its own technologies.

While the company continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions, it also develops extremely easy-to-use devices so that even less tech-savvy tenants can benefit from their intercoms. You can have LittleBird intercoms installed in an apartment building, student housing, condo, single-family community, assisted living, and other facilities.

LittleBird intercoms come in different sizes, so choose the best one for your property. They ship with outstanding features, including custom messaging, numeric code, and QR code unlock. They also support the “call a resident” and “call a manager” features. Residents can also access the building via a FOB key or their smartphone.

With instant control and enhanced security, LittleBird smart access systems help add a layer of protection to give residents a piece of mind.

Leverage LittleBird smart intercoms with Martin Systems

Martin Systems stands at your disposal with over 30 years of experience in property technology sourcing and installations. We employ only licensed engineers well-versed in LittleBird smart access intercom installations.

Here at Martin Systems, we approach each client individually. Instead of just installing smart access intercoms and calling it a day, we will make sure to design a smart access infrastructure that genuinely reflects your building and tenants’ needs, be it an apartment building or a community. We can also integrate the LittleBird intercoms into your existing property management infrastructure.

With Martin Systems and LittleBird, you will be able to make your property more attractive and secure and simplify the deliveries, and delight tenants with complete control.

Why Should You Choose Martin Systems?

For over 48 years, Martin Systems has provided modern technology solutions for life safety, fire protection, and security for multi-tenant and multifamily buildings. With our experience and an extensive network of certified partners, our technicians can design and implement some of the best security solutions currently on the market.

No matter how unique security challenges and needs are, we can thoroughly assess the situation, identify the right solutions, and implement them through our partners.

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