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Martin Systems – Commercial Security Camera Solutions

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Martin Systems has protected Wisconsin businesses since 1974 while building our name as a trusted and innovative security partner. We utilize relationship-driven technical experience to give our owners and contractors a partner they can count on – now and in the future.

At the heart of everything we do is the desire to protect what means the most to you and your business. With a combination of the best people and the latest technology, we can engineer and protect business customers of all sizes with the best commercial security solutions.

Watch Over Your Business, Anytime, Anywhere

At Martin Systems, we understand the critical importance of surveillance in maintaining a safe and secure business environment. Our innovative security camera solutions offer complete visual coverage, enabling you to monitor your premises around the clock.

Our Business Surveillance Camera Solutions

HD and 4K Security Cameras: Capture every detail with our high-definition and 4K security cameras. Get crystal-clear footage both day and night with our advanced imaging technology.

IP Security Cameras: Take advantage of the latest network-based digital video technology for superior image quality and flexible system design.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras: Get full control with our PTZ cameras. Pan, tilt, or zoom in real-time to observe any area of your premises.

Thermal Cameras: Detect intruders in complete darkness, smoke, fog, and other challenging conditions with our thermal cameras.

Wireless Security Cameras: Eliminate wiring complications with our wireless security cameras. Enjoy the freedom of installing your cameras exactly where you need them.

Whether Buying or Installing Business Security Cameras…Going Cookie-Cutter is a Liability

When you go the “cookie-cutter” route with business security cameras, you’re purchasing and installing a standard system without much customization or specific consideration for your unique security needs. Each application will dictate what type of surveillance camera should be used. Different applications may require other manufacturers, megapixels, technology, or features. The cookie-cutter approach can certainly be convenient, affordable and may work well for some, but it can also present several potential liabilities:

  • Suboptimal coverage: Pre-packaged camera systems may not adequately cover your property. Every site has unique characteristics that should be factored into the placement and type of cameras used. Without a proper site assessment, you could end up with blind spots in your surveillance.
  • Insufficient resolution or camera quality: A cookie-cutter system may not have the resolution or camera quality needed for your specific circumstances. For instance, if you need to capture high-detail images at a distance, a standard camera may not suffice.
  • Lack of advanced features: Pre-packaged systems may lack certain advanced features that could benefit your security needs, such as facial recognition, automatic motion tracking, thermal imaging, or integration with other security systems.
  • Lack of scalability: As your needs change over time, a cookie-cutter system may not be able to adapt. This lack of scalability could mean completely replacing the system down the road rather than simply adding or upgrading components.
  • Security vulnerabilities: Some mass-produced systems may have known vulnerabilities that can be exploited by those looking to bypass your security measures. In worst-case scenarios, certain types of mass-produced internet-connected cameras have been found to have flaws that allow remote unauthorized access.
  • Poor technical support: Some off-the-shelf systems offer limited support after purchase, which can be problematic if you run into issues with the equipment or software.
  • Legal and privacy considerations: Depending on your jurisdiction, there might be legal requirements regarding where and what type of surveillance is permitted. A generic system may need to consider these factors.
  • Not optimized for your environment: Depending on where you plan to install the cameras, you might need specific types of cameras that are resistant to outdoor weather, capable of functioning well in low light, or with particular casing to resist vandalism. A one-size-fits-all system might not meet these needs.

For these reasons, many security professionals recommend a tailored approach to video surveillance that considers the specific requirements and characteristics of the site to be secured. Custom-designed surveillance systems may be more costly upfront, but they can provide better protection and value over the long term.

A few things to consider when purchasing a commercial security camera system:

  • Camera Placement
  • Wired or Wireless
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Camera Housing
  • Coverage
  • Pixels Per Foot (PPF)
  • Pixel Density
  • Low Light Scenes
  • Image Processing
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Focal Length
  • Bright Light
  • Backlight
  • Lighting Changes
  • Frame Rate
  • Camera Form Factor
  • Lens Quality
  • Angle of Subject to Camera
  • Resolution
  • Megapixel 1080P, 4MP, 5MP, 8MP (4K)
  • Day/Night
  • IR (Infrared) LED
  • Video Compression
  • Motion Activation
  • Minimizing Compression
  • Artifacts
  • DoF (Depth of Field)

Security Camera Placement

It Means Everything

You need experience, product knowledge, and geometry & algebra skills to get it right. The engineers at Martin Systems can help you get it right every single time!

HD IP Cameras

IP security cameras have become the norm in the security industry. Here are some facts about IP security cameras:

  • Network cameras can use either a wired IP network or a wireless IP network.
  • IP-based video surveillance can transport digital video, audio, and metadata.
  • Power-over-Ethernet can power IP security cameras, or PoE, and a 12-volt DC adapter power cable.
  • IP surveillance cameras can be monitored and recorded virtually from anywhere using a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN).
  • Camera video can be stored at the camera via an onboard SD card, using network-attached storage (NAS) near the camera, or at the recorder (NVR), archived via a SAN, NAS, etc., recorded locally and managed in the cloud or on a managed recorder in the cloud.
  • IP cameras can be programmed only to record an event when scheduled and/or triggered.
  • IP surveillance cameras can also be programmed via Intelligent Video Functionalities, allowing for video motion detection, active tampering alarm, audio detection, tripwire, and various 3rd party applications that can count people and heat map their activity.
  • Additionally, HDTV IP security cameras have built-in processors that convert and compress the video stream before sending it to the Network Video Recorder (NVR or DVR).

High Definition Analog Cameras

HD Analog (HDCVI Technology) cameras over Coax. Here are some facts about HD Analog security cameras:

If you have an existing coaxial cable on your property, you do not need to change the cabling for a new HD surveillance system. HD analog technology is a simple upgrade to HD (2MP, 5MP, or 4K) using your legacy analog cabling.

  • Like with IP camera systems, you can record based on a motion event to save hard drive space, be notified when an event happens, and playback the video remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

Like with IP camera systems, you can record based on a motion event to save hard drive space, be notified when an event happens, and playback the video remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

HD Analog Camera Advantages

  • They are cheaper than IP cameras and do not need to be encoded.
  • They use existing coaxial cables, have lower operational costs, and do not need to change cabling for an HD system.
  • They have long-distance HD transmission up to 800 meters at 720p or 800m at 1080p, while IP cameras can transmit up to 100 meters.
  • They also can send three signals over one coaxial cable; HD video, audio, and control data.
  • Hybrid DVRs – Record HDCVI Analog cameras and IP cameras on the same DVR.

Video Analytics

Enhance your video surveillance capabilities with video analytics. Our customers can benefit from efficient detection capabilities, resulting in fewer false alarms, missed incidents, and more effective investigative features. Get real-time video alerts when an incident happens.

We offer analytics embedded in the cameras themselves (Edge Devices), in the NVR, or on remote servers. We have analytic solutions for large, medium, and small businesses.

Motion Detection and People & Vehicle Tracking (PVT)

For motion detection, typically in areas that are supposed to be empty.


  • After Hours
  • Parking Lots
  • Construction Sites

Virtual Tripwire or Fence

Protects you from attempts to pass a specific area where the direction of an person or object is important.


  • Fenced-off area
  • Entryway to a specific room
  • Too close to the safe

Loitering Detection

Detect suspicious behavior in areas where loitering may pose a security issue.


  • Suspicious bags left behind
  •  Loitering in specific areas at certain times
  •  Parks, Parking Lots, Loading Docks, etc.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Verifier (LPV)

Get alerts for unwanted vehicles on your property or wanted vehicles.


  • Search for a wanted vehicle
  • Vehicle Access Control

Perimeter Detection

Get protected with a scalable intrusion detection system.


  • Detects and classifies vehicles and humans
  • PTZ Autotracking

Live Privacy Shield

Be able to monitor activities while safeguarding privacy.  Dynamic masks can mask humans, faces, objects, or a background.


  • When you need to address privacy laws and/or regulations
  • Protect proprietary equipment
  • Privacy for bystanders in investigations

Why Choose Martin Systems?

Latest Technology: We provide cutting-edge camera technology to ensure your business has the best visual coverage.

Scalable Solutions: Our security camera systems can grow with your business. Whether you need a single camera or a multi-site solution, we’ve got you covered.

Professional Installation & Maintenance: Our expert team will install your system with minimal disruption, and our maintenance services ensure your system is always up and running.

24/7 Monitoring & Support: We offer round-the-clock monitoring services and our support team is available 24/7 to ensure you get the most out of your surveillance system.

Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Installation
School Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance System
Video Management in the Cloud
Video Management in the Cloud

Our Commercial Security Camera Testimonials

See what our commercial customers are saying about us!

“This was my first experience using Martin Systems for access control and security cameras. The team did an awesome job on my new facility project.”



 Appleton, WI


Full Review

“Martin Systems was very quick to respond to the service request we made and was able to dispatch a technician in a timely manner to resolve the issue.”


McCain Foods

Appleton, WI


“The Service Techs that came out were fantastic. They were very nice to work with, and they did their job and did it well. They were trained very well to install the camera systems we needed and made suggestions to meet our needs better. We will continue to use Martin Systems as long as they are in the area. They have been our provider of security cameras inside and now outside our building for many years. They get a 5-star rating from us here.”


Gillett Area Ambulance Service Inc

Gillett, WI


Full Review

“Upon having an issue with one of our cameras, Martin rapidly dispatched two techs to my location within 15 minutes. Once the techs arrived, they were quick to jump right into diagnostics and begin working on resolving the issue. They reported that the issue had been resolved within another 15 minutes. All this played to a ~30-minute issue resolution time from my initial email sent to the techs fixing the problem.

Thank you, Martin! “


SD Wheel Corp

Appleton, WI


“We have had Martin Systems for six years, and we decided to upgrade our cameras and put in an alarm system which has been working great. We can view our shop anytime on our computer and our smartphone. It has given us peace of mind that we can see what is happening whenever we are not there, and with the new cameras, we can see property clearly and with a longer range.”


James Welding & Truck Repair

Hobart, WI


Full Review

“The cameras work great and the installers did a great job.”


Millwood Inc.

De Pere, WI


Full Review

“The technician came in to help. Our needs changed when he came on site, but he was able to work with our IT person and come up with a plan. He also looked at our door issue that didn’t have a latch and worked with Josh and me to come up with a plan.”


Green Bay Packaging

Green Bay, WI


“Upgraded the old analog system and connected it to the internet, installed two replacement cameras, and explained the new system. All work was done quickly and professionally, with no problems.”


Gillett Area Ambulance Service Inc

Suamico, WI


Full Review

“I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the technician could arrive sooner than the scheduled appointment time for our annual system inspection. I was also very impressed that he took a little extra time to show me some tips and tricks about our camera system. Very happy with Martin Systems – as usual!”


Oconto Electric Coop

Oconto, WI


“They came in and looked over our whole school/church layout and gave us recommendations that fit our budget at the time. We are now up and running with a new camera system that is much easier to see than the old system, more reliable, and easier to use.


St. Paul Lutheran Church and School

Appleton, WI


Full Review

“The two technicians who came out were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about our system. They were able to make some upgrades to our system and troubleshoot a problem in little to no time. Very satisfied with Martin Systems.”


City of Mayville Police Department

Mayville, WI


“The Martin Systems Team is responsive, professional, and friendly. No time is wasted answering any call for assistance with our security system – preceded by full details of who and when a technician will arrive. Excellent service!

Tootsie Marie

Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

Two Rivers, WI


“The installers were good to work with and were very helpful in programming our computers and cellphones and very patient in training us in the use of the door lock and video systems. Also, anyone else that I contacted at Martin Systems was very helpful.


First Covenant Church

Iron Mountain, WI


Full Review

“We can always count on Martin Systems to do a professional job. They are quick to respond and extremely helpful.


Brown County Historical Society & Historic Hazelwood

Green Bay, WI


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