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Martin Systems has been Wisconsin’s intrusion detection and alarm monitoring experts since 1974! Based on positive reviews, we take great pride in being the state’s premier alarm dealer.

What is Central Alarm Monitoring?

A central monitoring station (CMS) is a facility staffed 24/7 that continually monitors alarm signals from security, fire, environmental, and life safety systems, such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, temperature sensors, and elevator emergency phones. The CMS receives signals from the security, fire protection, and life safety systems via phone lines or a cellular network and dispatches the appropriate emergency response when necessary, such as calling the police or fire department and notifying the building’s call list.

Certifications and Accreditations of a Central Monitoring Station

Central monitoring stations have certifications and accreditations demonstrating their commitment to quality, reliability, and security. These include:

  1. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification: A globally recognized safety certification for security and fire alarm systems.
  2. Five Diamond Certification: A designation awarded by the Central Station Alarm Association for meeting rigorous standards for operational excellence, customer service, and employee training.

Having these credentials shows that the central monitoring station has met high reliability, quality, and security standards and is a trusted monitoring service provider.

What Systems can be Centrally Monitored?

  1. Physical Security Monitoring
    1. Burglar Alarms
    2. Video Surveillance Systems
    3. Access Control Systems
  1. Environmental Monitoring Systems
    1. Temperature
    2. Flooding
    3. Gas Detection
  1. Fire Protection Monitoring
    1. Fire Alarms
    2. Carbon Monoxide
  1. Life Safety Monitoring
    1. Elevator Emergency Phones
    2. Emergency Help Phone
    3. Pool Emergency Phone
    4. Panic Alarms

These systems can be connected to a central monitoring station to provide round-the-clock monitoring and rapid response in an emergency.

Physical Security Alarm Monitoring

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Burglar alarm monitoring refers to a security system connected to a central monitoring station. The monitoring station is staffed by trained professionals who monitor the system 24/7. If a burglar alarm is triggered, the central monitoring station will receive a notification and take appropriate action, such as contacting local law enforcement and calling the building’s contact list. Having a central monitoring station can ensure that your property is protected even when you are away, as trained professionals will respond to security events. Burglar alarm monitoring aims to provide a timely response to a break-in, which can help deter intruders and protect property.

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring refers to security systems that include video cameras that are connected to a central monitoring station. The monitoring center is staffed by trained professionals who monitor the video feeds 24/7. If the system detects an intrusion, the central monitoring station will receive an alert and take appropriate action, such as contacting local law enforcement. With video monitoring, central alarm monitoring stations provide an added level of security, as trained professionals can visually confirm an intrusion before taking action.

Fire Protection Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring a fire alarm system ensures that it functions correctly and can alert the necessary individuals in a fire emergency. The monitoring center receives signals from the fire alarm system and then contacts the fire department or other emergency responders in the event of a fire. Fire alarm monitoring aims to ensure a timely response to a fire emergency, which can help minimize damage and protect life.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly toxic gas that can be lethal. Central monitoring systems for CO detection use sensors placed throughout a building to monitor the air for CO levels continuously. If the system detects a dangerous level of CO, it will trigger an alarm to alert occupants of the building and typically notify a central monitoring station. This type of monitoring system provides a high level of protection against CO exposure, as it can detect and alert to dangerous CO levels before exposure symptoms occur.

Life Safety Systems Alarm Monitoring

Panic Alarm Monitoring

A panic alarm is a life safety & security system designed to alert authorities when a panic alarm is pressed. Panic alarms can be triggered by pressing a button on a remote device, such as a mounted button, key fob, pendant, or by activating a button on a control panel. When a panic alarm is triggered, it sends a signal to a central alarm monitoring station. The monitoring station is staffed by trained professionals who can take appropriate action, such as calling the local authorities or dispatching emergency services. Panic alarms provide a quick and reliable way to alert authorities in an emergency, ensuring a rapid response, which can help minimize harm and protect life.

Emergency Help Phone Monitoring

Monitoring a designated emergency phone line or emergency response system will ensure that it is functioning correctly and can connect individuals to emergency services in the event of an emergency. This typically involves a third-party monitoring service that receives signals from the emergency phone line and then contacts the appropriate emergency responders, such as the police, fire department, or ambulance service. The purpose of emergency phone monitoring is to ensure a quick and reliable connection to emergency services in the event of an emergency, which can help to minimize harm and protect life.

Elevator Emergency Phone Monitoring

Elevator phone monitoring is the process of monitoring the emergency phone systems within elevators to ensure that they are functioning properly and can connect individuals to emergency services in the event of an emergency. This typically involves a third-party monitoring service that receives signals from the elevator emergency phone systems and then contacts the appropriate emergency responders, such as the fire department, in the event of an emergency. The purpose of elevator emergency phone monitoring is to ensure a quick and reliable connection to emergency services for individuals trapped in elevators, which can help minimize harm and protect life.

In the United States, the rules and regulations for elevator emergency phone monitoring are primarily governed by the local and state building codes and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These regulations specify requirements for emergency phone systems in elevators, including the need for clear and direct communication with emergency services, the placement of emergency phones within elevators, and the accessibility of emergency phones for individuals with disabilities. In addition, the National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII) provides industry standards for elevator emergency phone systems, including design, installation, and testing guidelines. The rules and regulations for elevator emergency phone monitoring vary by state and local jurisdiction, so it is essential to consult with Martin Systems or your local authorities to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Pool Phone Monitoring

Emergency pool phone monitoring is a service that provides a dedicated phone line for a swimming pool that can be used in an emergency. The phone is connected to a central monitoring station that is staffed 24/7 and can quickly dispatch emergency services in case of an emergency, such as a drowning or a medical emergency. The central monitoring station can also provide assistance and instructions to someone using the pool phone. Emergency pool phone monitoring can provide a critical layer of safety for swimmers and is often a legal requirement for public or semi-public swimming pools.

In Wisconsin, outdoor pools must have a working phone in the pool area, and indoor pools must have a working telephone within the enclosed area around the pool. However, the requirement for pool phones varies by jurisdiction, and some local jurisdictions may have stricter rules and regulations. It’s best to check with Martin Systems or your local authorities for specific requirements in your area.

Environmental Alarm Monitoring

Temperature Alarm Monitoring

Temperature monitoring is continuously monitoring temperature levels to ensure they remain within a specified range. Temperature levels are monitored to prevent damage to equipment, products, or facilities due to extreme temperature fluctuations. A temperature monitoring system alerts individuals when temperatures reach a pre-set high or low limit. This alert can be an audible alarm, visual indicator, or notification sent to a central monitoring service or designated individuals. Temperature alarm monitoring aims to prevent damage, ensure quality control, and maintain safe temperature levels in facilities and products.

Flood Alarm Monitoring

Flood alarm monitoring is continuously monitoring for the presence of water or other liquids that could cause damage to a building, property, or equipment. Flood monitoring uses sensors or alarms placed in areas at risk of flooding, such as basements or low-lying areas. The sensors detect the presence of water and send a signal to a central monitoring system or designated individuals, who can then take appropriate action to mitigate the potential damage from the flood. The purpose of flood alarm monitoring is to detect and respond to possible floods quickly, which can help to minimize damage to property and equipment and prevent further harm.

Our Multi-Tenant and Multifamily Testimonials

See what our Property customers are saying about us!

“We have used Martin now for two separate installations, one a security door system and a fire monitoring system. We are very pleased with both. The cost was reasonable, in fact we will be saving quite a bit of money with the fire monitoring system. They are great when it comes to answering question. We will definitely recommend them.”


Faith Lutheran Church

Sussex, WI


Full Review

“We are very happy with the entire experience. On the third day of having the new fobs, one activated the alarm. Martin came out and replaced that fob the same day. We are very pleased.”


Bay Title & Abstract, Inc.

Green Bay, WI


Full Review

Very happy with the fire alarm systems we get and install from you and would like to get some training for my employees on the installation and troubleshooting.


J&M Electric

Waukesha, WI


Full Review

“We have had Martin Systems for six years and we decided to upgrade our camera’s and put in an alarm system which has been working great. We are able to view our shop at anytime on our computer and on our smart phone. It has given us a peace of mine that we can see what is happening when ever we are not there and with the new camera’s we are able to see property clearly and with a longer range.”


James Welding & Truck Repair

Hobart, WI


Full Review

“Staff was professional and courteous with limited disruption in operations. We are very pleased with the new fire alarm system and feel confident that it meets all our needs. Excellent customer service.”


Gookomis Endaad

Lac du Flambeau, WI


Full Review

“Appointment setup for Annual Inspection of Alarms on Security System.
Communications went well setting up appointment and we were notified when Tech was enroute once he arrived inspection was completed in timely fashion and everything working smoothly.”


Lubenow Companies, Inc

Ashwaubenon, WI


Full Review

“The representative from Martin Systems that inspected and tested our fire alarm system was very courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. He called to inquire if he could arrive a little early for our appointment, performed the inspections very efficiently, and patiently answered all our questions. His reports were completed and sent to us within 24 hours.
We look forward to using Martin Systems again.”


West Bend Rentals

West Bend, WI


Full Review

“We called your After Hours line, and they professionally connected me to their tech [Removed Name] who came to our location quickly. His quick thinking in silencing the alarm, which we weren’t able to override the sirens, calmed the fears of our customers. We are very happy that we switched to Martin Security after many years with another alarm area company.”


Baymont Inn

Green Bay, WI


Full Review

“The service technician was very professional and polite. Good communication with our main office as we have several rentals and scheduling fire alarm inspections require a couple days notice for tenants. Great service, very pleased with their work.”


Liberty Hills

Waterloo, WI


Full Review

“Martin Systems sent out [Removed Name] to do our annual fire alarm inspection. [Removed Name] arrived on time, introduced himself, listened, and worked around all our concerns and questions. VERY satisfied with Martin Systems and incredibly thankful for the care and concern [Removed Name] took in inspecting our system.”



Grafton, WI


Full Review

“Martin Security is always on time and they are great at taking care of our alarm systems!!”


Struensee Properties

Oshkosh, WI


Full Review

“Martin Systems Life Safety & Security have been an absolute pleasure to work with; their technicians are very communicative and reliable, which says a lot about their work ethic and customer service. Schuster lofts have been working with Martin Systems Life Safety & Security for our annual fire alarm inspections, and we have received efficient and professional service every year. We are looking forward to next year.”


Schuster Lofts

Milwaukee, WI


Full Review

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